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Rungagora ‘J’ Tea Estate

Rungagora is mentioned in the history of Assam in 1834 as the capital of Nowgaon. In local language. Rungagora literally means red soil.

The garden is situated on one side of Assam Trunk Road, which is National Highway No.37 and Gheela Bheel, a tributary of Bhramaputra River, on the other side.

First eight acres were planted in 1862 as an extension of Numalighur Tea Estate. Later in 1869. Rungagora was made a separate division and a new tea house was constructed. New tea house was constructed during the same year and hand made tea of around 300 maunds was manufactured. Extension work carried on and by the year 1945, 602 acres were brought under tea with a total grant area of 1621 acres.

Today, it is one of the most renowned quality gardens of Assam producing both CTC and Orthodox teas of highest quality round the years. It also has a dubious distinction of higher yielding garden of the district.

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