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Numalighur Tea Estate

There are several gardens in Assam which have taken their names from the sites in their neighbourhood, where battles were fought during the time of ‘AHOM’ dynasty. Numalighur is one of them, which has definite monuments of this former civilization. Sometime during the various conflicts between the AHOM and KACHARI Kings, the KACHARIS were defeated and AHOM King took princess ‘NUMALI’, a KACHARI princess as captive. He built a ‘GHUK (FORT) and resided there with her for sometime. This King, however, abandoned princess ‘NUMALI’ and eventually returned to his own capital. Aggrieved at her desertion, the princess committed suicide by drowning herself in the adjoining marshes of BEHORA.

Records say, 12 acres of tea was planted in 1852-53, 22 acres in 1855, 34 acres in 1856 and 150 acres in 1857. The estate was purchased by Jorehaut Tea Company in 1859 for a sum of £ 18,000.

Today, it is one of the largest estates in this area. Most of the original planting done at NUMALIGHUR during the British Indian days have been replanted with scientifically developed better quality seeds as vegetatively grown clonal plants that has helped Numalighur achieve a quality of black tea which is considered one of the top quality products of the country.

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