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Langharjan Tea Estate

‘LANGHORI was name of a small river and ‘JAN’ in local language means small stream . The British planters could pronounce LANGHORIJAN, as a result slowly it came to be known as LANGHARJAN. Langharjan is located on the wide corridor between Dibrugarh and Tinsukia and both sides of this corridor lies the best tea growing areas over the ground and oil and coal deposits below.

The land on which Langharjan was placed by was discovered by Mr. George Ross Grant, who in 1909 was extracting timber from the forest in the neighbourhood. It was only until end of 1912 when 460 acres were planted. It was reported in 1913 that a lot of planted area was a failure and only 295 acres of planted area was of satisfactory quality. The following year a tea house was erected. In 1921, the garden came under the aegis of Jorehaut Tea Company.

Mr. Cyril Gore had taken charge of Langharjan from Mr.George Ross Grant as Manager in 1912 and remained in charge till his retirement in 1946. It was Mr. Gore who was responsible for making Langharjan a very fine garden and the most profitable division of The Jorehaut Tea Company. Today, it is one of the highest yielding gardens of Assam making golden orthodox teas which are liked by importers all over the world.

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