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Borsapori Tea Estate

The geographical location of this plantation is at 94°. Longitude and 24.5° Latitude. To its North abound the mighty Himalayas which offer a panoramic view from Borsapori. To its North also flows the mighty river Bhramaputra, once considered the lifeline of the state of Assam. To its south lie the Karbi hills which are inhabited by Karbi tribal’s who still live a tribal way of life. To its east lies river Dhunseri which is a tributary of river Bhramaputra. To its west lies a world heritage site, the Kaziranga Wild Life Sanctuary famed for its one homed rhinoceros.

Borsapori Tea Estate lies huddled in the lap of nature and there could not be a better place to grow tea.

Borsapori is an amalgamation of two words of the local language. Bor- meaning big and Sapori — meaning grassland. Borsapori in the local language means Big Grassland. It has 700 hectares approximately under tea and produces approximately 1.5 million kgs of teas annually.

The Tea Estate was opened out originally by Mr.Thomas Elliot in the year 1879. It was then acquired by Miss M.A. Kelly who died on April 5, 1900. The trustees under her will, sold the estate to Borsapori Tea Co. in January 1903.

Borsapori Tea Estate was taken over by Jorehaut Tea Company in the year 1921. The Tea Estate is famed for making high quality CTC and ORTHODOX teas, bulk of whose produce during the quality period is exported to Overseas Destinations.

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