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By Andrew Vachss

Eddie starts off stealing automobiles lengthy sooner than he is sufficiently old to get a license, pushed by way of a strength so compelling that he by no means questions, simply obeys. After a chain of fake begins, interrupted by means of remains in juvenile associations and a kingdom felony time period, Eddie's talents and loyalty allure the eye of J.C., a near-legendary hijacker. while he will get out, Eddie turns into the motive force for J.C.'s ultra-professional group. J.C., the grasp planner, is ultimately able to pull off that one large task each con desires of ... the Retirement rating. yet a few roads have twists even a certified getaway guy could not foresee ...Andrew Vachss, a author generally acclaimed for respiring new lifestyles and loss of life into the crime style, the following provides a vintage noir story, relentlessly exhibiting and dissecting now not guilt, yet innocence.

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