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By Ellen Byerrum

Lacey cannot wait to determine France for the 1st time with buddy Magda Rousseau, corset author for D.C.'s wealthiest and kinkiest. Lacey's activity there's to record on high fashion, however the genuine explanation for the journey is the intended Rousseau misplaced treasure: a corset covered with jewels. yet previous to the massive journey, a person poisons Magda. may well it have whatever to do with the invaluable corset? to determine, Lacey needs to stick with a perilous thread that might lead her to the answers-and probably the lacking jewels.

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I just want to do something nice for Magda. Everybody’s dying on me, Lacey. First poor Angie. Then that diva supermodel Amanda Manville. ” Stella wailed. “What is it about me? ” Lacey had asked herself the same question. “Don’t be ridiculous, Stella, you had nothing to do with any of those,” she said. ” Stella gazed into her reflection in her fresh Pink Lady, as if to divine what fate it was that caused her friends and clients to die. “It’s not you,” Lacey said, wondering how to avoid the subject of Magda’s unknown cause of death.

France is still there. ” She downed some more of the Pink Lady. “Hey! I know. ” “Uh, right. ” Stella in her corsets and her sleek new look would no doubt dazzle them in Paris. Think fast, Lacey. ” “Oh, hell, a passport! I knew there was something I’ve been meaning to do. ” Lacey wasn’t about to tell Stella how to get an emergency passport application expedited. “But thanks for the offer. ” Stella clinked their glasses together. “Deal, Lacey. Do you know how the old girl died? ” The question she had been trying to avoid now hung in the air.

You may have gotten there mere minutes after the killer left. He, she, whoever it is, may have seen you and thinks you saw them. C. metropolitan area. Anthrax, terrorists, snipers, cabdrivers, the Beltway, the Virginia Department of Transportation. ” Lacey lifted her wineglass. “In that case, I’m going to Paris before I die. Just remember, you might be in danger too,” she said. ” Brooke’s eyes glittered. ” “Good God! ” Brooke and Stella didn’t get along. “That blabbermouth would get you killed for sure.

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