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Learn of Galilean Christianity. stories in Biblical Theology No. sixteen.

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K n o x suggested that as Galilee was then under Herod Antipas his activities would be limited, and that in any case the authority of the Sanhedrin there would be practically non-existent (St Paul and the Church at Jerusalem, pp. 45, 66). 31 would be meaningless. Some may have fled before the storm, to return when the tide of persecution had ebbed. Damascus was closely linked with Galilee. Cut off from the west and north by high mountain ranges and having only the desert to the east it naturally looked towards Palestine with which, 1 2 1 Some inferior M S S , the Old Latin, some Vulgate MSSi Syr.

The events of those days would give to Jerusalem a new significance and the time previously spent with Jesus in Galilee would be apt to seem of small importance by comparison. The ascension had taught the disciples to lift their thoughts above mere earthly things, and they had an intense realization of the continued, if unseen, presence of Jesus with them; and of the guidance of the Holy Spirit whom He had sent. Moreover He would soon return. There was thus, almost at once, a shifting of interest as the old Galilean events retired into the background, and what had taken place at Jerusalem becomes all important.

I , 2 9 ; 2 6 . 2 O ) . 23 he is content to summarize events at Capernaum which Mark records more fully. 49, 55). St Luke appears to have had no first-hand knowledge of Galilee, though in company with St Paul he must have spent some time in its neighbourhood. The fact that he goes out of his way to say that Capernaum is a city of Galilee, and Arimathaea a city of the J e w s (Luke 4 . 3 1 ; 2 3 . 39, and the insertion of Bethsaida in 1 2 3 5 1 R . H . Lightfoot, Locality and Doctrine, p. 1 3 3 , pointed out that in L u k e 275 verses are concerned with Galilee, 350 with Samaria, and 320 with Jerusalem.

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