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By Kevin 'Rashid' Johnson

Persist with the author's odyssey from lumpen drug broker to prisoner, to innovative New Afrikan, a instructor and mentor, one in every of a brand new iteration emerging of criminal intellectuals. This publication is composed essentially of letters among Rashid and Outlaw, one other innovative New Afrikan prisoner, smuggled among the segregation wing and basic inhabitants over a interval of months. those comrades teach themselves—and us as well—on Marxism and Maoism, the Five-Percenters, Dialectical Materialism, lifeless Prez, Capitalism, Racism, Imperialism, type fight, progressive Nationalism, New Afrikan Independence, Psychology, and a number of alternative matters, as they grapple with the way to advertise innovative realization within the such a lot opposed of environments.

Rashid has been in criminal for twenty years—the previous eighteen of which in segregation (solitary confinement). almost immediately after this correspondence among himself and Outlaw, he and his comrade Shaka Sankofa Zulu based the recent Afrikan Black Panther Party–Prison bankruptcy. The NABPP-PC has considering the fact that built branches in numerous prisons around the u$ empire and has its personal publication, correct On! a couple of Rashid's essays written as Minister of protection of the NABPP-PC also are integrated during this e-book.

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So education was again supposed to lead Blacks to their salvation, (through Affirmative Action programs). Otherwise, a deep-seated paranoia set in about trusting one’s own judgment concerning anything that had any input by the white man, even if presented with solid evidence, like Marx’s damnation of capitalism. Consequently, those still committed to seeking Self-Determination for Afrikans in the Diaspora, (in particular), began to vacillate by seeking a third way between socialism and capitalism, (because most known socialist doctrines seemed too “white”), or flat-out proposed variations of capitalist-based programs: à la Booker T.

He never made his move. He tried several times to send word to me, and to address me directly, contending that he hadn’t sent me any message about me having to live up to any threat. He also denied allowing the pigs to use him to attack others. When I finally heard him out, I had to agree that I was not on his tier and thus had no personal knowledge of his actions or motives; the attacks he’d carried out against others he claimed were in response to their provoking him and not through anything involving the she-pigs.

The visit was no small matter, due to the fact that I’m in a very out-of-the-way prison, and in a very repressive control unit, along with Mumia Abu Jamal and over 500 other men – around 150 of who are on death row. I later learned that Tom and our author are close comrades, and the RHWS and the NABPP–PC are allies in the struggle. ) In our messed-up world, (and especially in my circumstances), a big white guy is usually bad news. While, in fact, Tom’s roots are Anglo-Celtic-Native American, and after an introduction I realized I had previously read some of his writings; and although he had not been vetted, over the next hours he and I instantly clicked.

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