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A III 437, A IV 422, M I 22. -(Il) D I 77-84. - (14) A IV 34, M I 511, D II 266. - 125. - (9) D II 299. -(10) (12) S III 45, D II 81. (15) S I i78, D I 213. (in) 1\1: I 22. ·- (18) A IV 422. -(21) 1\1: II 145, S V 302·- (22) S III 16, D I 71. M I 36. - (24) D III 239, A IV 39, D II 36. - (16) S IV (23) Dh 154, (25) 8 I 39, A IV 34. - (26) M I 36, D III 237. B. mano (1) M I 29;3. - (2) S III 46. - (6) A III 443, 1\1 I 16, S I 197. - 191, M I 272. (8) S IV 69. - (10) 8N 1142, D II 176. - (16) M III 216, M 1191.

Itlfia~la is in some way based on saiillii and pedal/a is provided by the following two passages. In D III 228 arc 111cntioned the four supports of vifina~1a, al1l0ng thenl: "Safiiiiipayalp va ... vifiilal:a111 tinh,unanal11 tighati saiiilaranllllal)a111 safifiapatinhal11 nandupavesanalP vuddhilp viriilhilp vepullal11 apajjati". 'Infit/a as support, it attains to happiness, growth, increase and full devdoplllent". In S III 9 f, rupadhatu, vedanadhatu, safifiadhatu and salikharadhatu arc called the "hotHe" of viFii1a~ta.

G. l IDnaya dhatuya viilnal}a111 patighitalll". oisture. Of beings that arc hindered by avijJa, fettered by ta~1ha, tl UlfiiitJa gets support in low conditions". Thc seed is of course changing, but still an entity. - In a parable, S IV 195, vifiFia~w is pcrsonified and called the lord of the city (llagaraSa1l1i). - In S I 122, Mara is looking for the 1JififiiitJa of Godhika who had died. e. "without support", but it is taken for granted that, had it not becn so, vifUiatw would have survived as an entity and therefore an easy prey to Mara.

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