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By Will Kymlicka

Citizenship and variety were significant themes of discussion during the last decade. yet those subject matters were mostly mentioned in mutual isolation. This booklet examines the categorical issues of clash and convergence among issues for citizenship and variety in democratic societies and reasseses and refines latest theories of "diverse citizenship" in gentle of tangible practices and guidelines of pluralistic democracies.

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Whereas most immigrants wish to participate in the larger society, there are some small immigrant groups that voluntarily isolate themselves from the larger society and avoid participating in politics or civil society. This option of voluntary marginalization is only likely to be attractive to religious sects whose theology requires them to avoid most contact with the modern world—such as the Hutterites in Canada, or the Amish in the United States, both of whom came to North America from Europe to avoid persecution for their pacifist religious beliefs.

Sui generis groups. As any reference book on ethnic conflict makes clear, there are a number of ethnocultural groups in the world that do not fit comfortably within any of the categories we have just discussed. 21 The only sui generis group discussed at length in this volume, however, is African Americans (see in particular the chapters by Williams and Mansbridge). g. through racial segregation, laws against miscegenation, and the teaching of literacy). Nor do they fit the national minority pattern, since they do not have a traditional homeland in America in which they are a majority, or a common language that distinguishes them from the majority.

One reason why this has been possible is that refugees in Western democracies tend to arrive in small numbers from distant lands, usually as individuals or families rather than in large groups. It is, therefore, easier for them to integrate, and more difficult for them to return to their country of origin. However, in Eastern Europe, Central Africa, Central Asia, and elsewhere, refugees often come in great numbers from short distances, which makes integration more difficult and the prospect of return more likely.

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