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By Max Euwe

25 chess video games selected, prepared, and annotated to assist amateurs keep away from numerous vulnerable strategic and tactical strikes. chosen, with remark, by means of global Chess Champion Max Euwe and by means of Walter Meiden, an beginner participant, the video games indicate graphically how the chess grasp exploits attribute error of the novice.

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OTHER KINDS OF DRAWS. PERPETUAL CHECK A game is also drawn if: a) neither side has sufficient material advantage to win (one of the players has only a King i n -910 left while his opponent has only a King, or a King plus a Bishop or Knight, or each of them has only a King plus a Bishop or Knight, or both have a King plus a Bishop, both Bishops moving along squares of the same colour); b) a player declares that in the last 50 (or more) moves there haven't been any captures and not a single Pawn has moved.

Diagram 34 In Diagram 34 White castled long and Black castled short. Castling is impossible in the following cases: a) the King or the Rook have already made a 70 move; b) the King is under check; c) as a result of castling the King comes under check; d) a square the King has to pass across is under check by an enemy piece; e) other pieces stand between the King and Rook on the side the King has to be placed. Thus, in Diagram 35 White can castle only short, and Black only long. Diagram 35 Castling enables a player to transfer the King away to a safe place quickly and bring the Rook into play.

C6 K c 8 3. c7 K b 7 4. K d 7 , and on the f o l l o w i n g m o v e W h i t e queens. In the p o s i t i o n in D i a g r a m 71 the o u t c o m e depends on whose m o v e it is. If it is B l a c k ' s he has to retreat, losing tlie o p p o s i t i o n : 1. K g 7 2. K e 6 K f 8 3. K f 6 ! , and W h i t e wins. If it is W h i t e ' s m o v e the g a m e ends in a d r a w : 1. K e 5 K e 7 2. f5 K f 7 , e t c . A l l the a b o v e applies to P a w n s on any file e x c e p t those on the edges. In the case of a R - P a w n the K i n g of the weaker side o n l y has to reach the corner square to achieve a draw.

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