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By Isabel De Madariaga

An eminent pupil of Russian heritage the following provides the main informative, balanced, and up to date brief examine of Catherine the good and her reign. This version encompasses a new preface facing lately stumbled on assets and revised interpretations of the period.  
Praise for the sooner edition:
“A panoramic view of Russia’s social, political, fiscal, and cultural improvement and of its emergence as an impressive energy within the foreign enviornment throughout the thirty-four years of [Catherine’s] reign.”—Anthony go, New York occasions ebook Review
“De Madariaga’s ebook could be the usual and an important advisor for all scholars and students of Russian and ecu background of the second one 1/2 the eighteenth century.”—Marc Raeff, Journal of recent History

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Un dirigeant hors norme able de repenser en profondeur un modèle pour le réformer avec constance et conviction. Une personnalité guidée en tout par le primat de los angeles liberté et de los angeles responsabilité individuelle, able de restaurer un État régalien citadel pour assurer los angeles sécurité, et assumant avec fermeté l. a. rupture profonde avec les errements du passé. Aucune grève, aucun sondage, aucun calcul politicien ni aucun attentat ne l. a. feront plier.

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After that it will be a simple and easy task to draft a Code. The fact that no complete code was produced led both contemporaries and subsequent historians to assume that Catherine had other quite different reasons for calling together the deputies from the different estates. She was assumed to be vain (which was true), and many thought that the principal purpose both of the Instruction and of the Legislative Commission was to throw dust in the eyes of her 'enlightened' correspondents in the west, and to dazzle them with the spectacle of the political progress of backward Russia.

Pensions were introduced for long-serving officials in the hope that they would no longer be tempted to feather their nests for their old age at the expense of the public. A. Vyazemsky, was appointed in 1764. He was to become Catherine's right-hand man in the internal administration of Russia, a loyal, competent and faithful servant until he retired in 1792. He was at the head of the network of procurators attached to all government institutions, and Catherine considerably increased their number.

Not until the foundation of 26 CATHERINE THE GREAT Moscow University in 1755 did the teaching ofjurisprudence begin, at first in Latin or in German, based on Roman law or on the natural law theories current in Europe at the time. The teaching of Russian positive law only began in 1767. None of the high government officials who surrounded Catherine had been trained in law, and Catherine herself, of course, knew only what she had picked up from her reading. In order to fmd a way out of this chaos, Catherine embarked on an original experiment.

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