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In community social educational The Development of Social Work Conceptualisation 55 terms it might mean uncovering the re-training need and getting the case for provision accepted and implemented by the appropriate authority. O r in resource terms, it might mean trying to get more resources altogether for the community so that the 'extra' could be spent on re-training facilities—or getting existing priorities changed so that resources were switched from less urgent areas to that of training—at the national or local level.

Intimacy/distance can give the group member some choice of what is comfortable for him as a sort of l a u n c h p a d ' into the sort of rela­ tionships which he finds less easy; while the diversity of personnel gives him more chance of finding another person or subgroup with whom he finds himself in sympathy. G r o u p w o r k , too, can be practised in a community or residential setting. (4) C O M M U N I T Y WORK The strength of community work is in circumstances which call for collective action on a commonly felt and identified difficulty (whether the commonality arises from a diflficulty of the group or the difficulty of another group about which there is a shared concern) giving more hope of success through the pooled resources (whether of thinking, feeling, acting, influence or material) than individual actors would ever achieve.

COMMUNITY WORK Again, community work has a long history and a wide range of ideologies and practical focii. There would seem to be at least four streams: (1) Social planning stream Ideas of community were behind the development of new towns: New Lanark, Saltaire, Bournville, Welwyn G a r d e n City, the post-war New Town and expanded town programmes (now employing social development staff). But this stream has also concerned itself with the old as well as the new. ) and in attempts at reform (Education Priority areas, Community Development P r o ­ jects, are examples).

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