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The structure of the human language school has been one of many major foci of the linguistic examine of the final part century. This department of linguistics, greatly often called Generative Grammar, is anxious with the formula of explanatory formal debts of linguistic phenomena with the ulterior objective of gaining perception into the houses of the 'language organ'. The sequence contains top of the range monographs and picked up volumes that handle such concerns. the subjects during this sequence variety from phonology to semantics, from syntax to info constitution, from mathematical linguistics to stories of the lexicon.

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18 CHAPTER I. 2. 1. Causatives In many accusative languages, infinitival complements of causative and perception verbs are characterized by an ergative Case system. The Romance languages, where Case is only visible on third person clitics, are an example of this. The French examples in (30) illustrate the facts. (30)a. Marie le fera tomber Marie him-acc will-make fall 'Marie will make him fall' b. Marie le fera chanter Marie him-acc will-make sing 'Marie will make him sing' c. Marie le fera acheter ä Paul Marie it-acc will-make buy to Paul 'Marie will make Paul buy it' e.

Miirqat paar -ai children-abs,pl take care of-ind,3sg3pl 'She takes care of the children' G,Wa:322 (Miirqunik) paar -ssi -vuq children-obl,pi take care of-antipass-ind,3sg 'She takes care (of children' G,Wa:323 Angutip arnaq taku-vaa man-erg woman-abs see -ind,3sg3sg 'The man sees the woman' G,Wa:323 Arnaq (angutimit) taku-tau -puq woman-abs man-obl see -pass-ind,3sg 'The woman is seen (by the man)' G,Wa:324 Jaaniup tuktu taku-vaa Jaani-erg caribou-abs see -ind,3sg3sg 'Jaani sees the caribou' CA,Jo: 17 Inuit 29 f.

Notice that the appearance of genitive Case is dependent on the presence of the relevant agreement morpheme and that this morpheme only occurs in finite clauses, which implies only these clauses can have genitive subjects. The INFL morpheme of finite clauses also has its normal function: that of assigning nominative Case. In intransitive clauses this happens in the usual way: the subject NP is assigned nominative (=absolutive) by INFL in the subject position. What we are interested in here, however, is the nominative (=absolutive) that appears on the direct object of transitive clauses.

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