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By Robert Edmond Alter

A masterpiece of lurid threat from the underbelly of the South.On his first day operating for Cochrane's carny, Thaxton stumbled on that his new boss was once married to his ex-wife.  On the second one day he chanced on his boss's body--with one in all May's throwing knives planted firmly in its chest.With its impeccably rendered carnival surroundings and its deliriously crooked array of spielers, luck-boys, and dancing ladies with indecent hips and sub-zero hearts, Carny Kill is crime fiction at its so much devious and smelly.

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He gave me a look that should have stuck four inches out my back. "I'm Franks," he said. "Mr. " "I'm Thaxton," I said. "Mr. Cochrane's prestidigitator. " "Thanks loads for the news," he said in a sour voice. He brushed by me like I wasn't somewhat in his way and got into the boat to have a look for himself. Neverland didn't open till ten in the morning and it was now about eight-forty. I wondered if they would open at all that day, and then I figured yes they would if May had her say. She could no more turn back a mark with a buck than a wolverine could refuse a dead rabbit.

I decided to grab a bite before I scouted up a flop for the night, and I went up a path to a quaint little restaurant called the Queen Anne Cottage. I was jostled on the steps by Some people coming out and I told one of them--the biggest man in the group--to watch it, buster. He asked me how I'd like a bent nose to watch and I asked him wouldn't he rather wait until he had more than three friends to help him and he said he wasn't going to need any goddam help and then his wife or his secretary or whatever she was broke it up.

I do a specialty dance. " She smiled up at me. I'm fairly tall. So was she but even in her spike heels I was up to her. "I'll bet you bet," she said. "I'll come see you in action sometime," I said. " She was firm about that. They had a tavern which really wasn't a tavern and they called it the Klondike. It was right out of the 1898 gold rush. Lots of Yukon atmosphere. They had a floorshow where the girls in the big feathered hats whirled around and threw up their skirts and saluted the audience with their bottoms.

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