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Facing storytelling, this can be one among a chain of functional publications for lecturers which learn pedagogical parts on the centre of ELT debate. lecturers are supplied with principles designed to assist them enhance their very own fabric and tailor it to their person wishes.

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Butterflies begin life looking very different from their parents. They go through four steps, or stages, as they grow into adults. 38 Animal Life Cycles 3. After three weeks, the caterpillar spins a thread and attaches itself to a branch. Now it is a pupa. Inside a hard case, the pupa changes into a butterfly. 4. When the butterfly is fully grown, it crawls out of the hard case. 5. The butterfly is ready to fly and lay eggs of its own. Quick Check 14. When does a butterfly not look like its parent?

These animals must use other ways to stay safe. These jellyfish do not have shells. They sting other animals to stay safe. C Quick Check Write about two ways that animals without backbones can stay safe. 5. com 29 Chapter 2 • Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Mammals How does a mammal grow and change? All animals go through a life cycle, just like plants. Different kinds of animals have different life cycles. Panda Life Cycle 1. When a baby panda is born, its mother feeds it and keeps it safe. 2. A panda cub likes to climb and play.

There are many kinds of animals that do not have backbones. Some of these animals have shells or hard body coverings that help keep them safe. wings The dragonfly has a hard body covering. It uses its wings to fly away from enemies. C claws A The lobster has a hard body covering. It uses its claws to break open food. legs The beetle has a hard shell. It has three body parts and six legs. C 28 Animal Life Cycles Some animals without backbones do not have shells. They have soft bodies. These animals must use other ways to stay safe.

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