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If the ship is on voyage charter, the owners may require the master to complete a proforma layday statement to enable them to check des- patch or claim demurrage. Copies of these documents must be retained aboard ship. Chain register—cargo gear register: The chain register is the register in which data concerning a ship's lifting gear must be recorded. The term 'lifting gear' includes derricks and cranes for the handling of stores, and also lifting gear used in the engineroom, and it is important that all such items of equipment should be properly tested, certified, marked and maintained.

He will also be told how to address both routine and emergency messages, and is likely to be reminded that he must provide the charterers with log abstracts. Consultation with owners and charterers: Most shipmasters know that they should consult their owners and charterers whenever an unusual situation arises. This permits the other parties to remind the master of his rights and responsibilities under the charterparty, should that be necessary. Failure to comply with the terms of the charterparty can be expensive, so the master should consult his documents and his principals whenever he is in doubt.

Maintenance of full records: Disputes can only be settled when clear factual evidence can be supplied. To satisfy this requirement it is a further responsibility of the ship to ensure that detailed and accurate records are maintained throughout the charter period, with supporting documentation up to date, so that the times and circumstances of significant events can be confirmed. m 34 THE NAUTICAL INSTITUTE Surveys required by the charterparty: It is usual to have certain matters relevant to the charterparty, such as hold cleanliness and tonnage of cargo loaded, surveyed by independent surveyors, but ship's officers should always check the results obtained by surveyors and make their own assessment.

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