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By Lewis Buzbee

An enthralling meditation on schooling from the writer of The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop

In Blackboard, Lewis Buzbee seems to be again over a life of studies in faculties and study rooms, from kindergarten to school and past. He deals interesting histories of the most important principles informing academic perform over the centuries, that have formed every little thing from classification measurement to the format of desks and chairs. Buzbee deftly weaves his personal biography into this assessment, forthcoming his topic as a scholar, a father, and a instructor. In so doing, he bargains a relocating own testomony to how he, “an standard student” at risk of flunking out of highschool, turned the 1st in his kinfolk to graduate from university. He credit his good fortune to the well-funded California public institution approach and bemoans the bad cost that country is paying due to investment being minimize from today’s budgets. For Buzbee, the blackboard is a necessary window into the broader global, which we forget about at our peril.

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