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"Black Mary & Gunjies" is a play telling the tale of Aboriginal bushranger Mary Ann and her accomplice, Captain Thunderbolt, roaming northwestern New South Wales within the mid-nineteenth century. Dressed just like the males, Mary Ann is without doubt one of the gang, coping with to outlive within the outback and to elude seize as a rule. She desires of returning with Thunderbolt to stay together with her humans yet as an alternative witnesses their bloodbath and plots revenge. The play premiered in Sydney in April 1996.

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BRITTEN: It's not my fault. Did you see that? Biggest Eaglehawk I've ever seen, it blacked out the moon. I need a drink ... where's that bottle? MARY ANN: All gone. BRITTEN: No, it's not. Where is it? [He looks for his rum. He finally gives up and sits down next to MARY ANN. ] BRITTEN: Have you got any tea? MARY ANN: Where you reckon I got tea, in me hat? ] ACT ONE - SCENE 11 51 BRITTEN: Goddamn, look at that, didn't spill a drop, my credibility is intact. That's what I call impressive drinking.

FRED:They gone? MARY ANN: I reckon ... See, I told you, those troopers too lazy to climb, too fat. [Pause] BRITTEN: God almighty, that was close! FRED: You're getting careless, Mary. ] MARY ANN: What you got there? BRITTEN: Hungry? How about a slice of bacon? And a cup of tea? ACT TWO - SCENE 1 59 MARY ANN:Where'd you get it? BRITTEN: The woman in the stone house, a couple of miles back. FRED: She's a poor widow, you lout. BRITTEN: We are hungry. I'll wager you'll eat it. [He tosses bag to FRED who takes out flour.

MARY ANN: I can smell them. MRS BYRNE: Blacks don't scare me. FRED: W e l l , maybe I d o . Where are the guns? ] BRITTEN: Easy, Ward! FRED: Y o u , in the f r i l l s ... Over here! WIRTH: D o n ' t look at me. I'm just a visiting artiste. ] FRED: (to MRS BYRNE) You tell us where the guns are. I'll give you t o three and then I'm going to blow his head off. WIRTH: Please, please, Mrs Byrne! [FRED presses the gun to WIRTH'S head. ] MRS BYRNE: N o , don't, n o t here! No b l o o d on moi tapestry, please.

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