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Taken together, it is conceivable that lithium’s ability in preventing stress-induced dendritic remodelling and increased phosphorylation of CREB may contribute to its mood stabilizing efficacy. , 2002). , 2006). Increase in the size and function of the amygdala was demonstrated in depression (Drevets, 2003). Functional and structural abnormalities in the amygdala have been implicated in bipolar disorder (Garrett & Chang, 2008). , 2000). The preventive effect of lithium on stress-induced dendritic remodeling was demonstrated in the amygdala as well.

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0953-816X (Print) Fontella, F. , Vendite, D. , Tabajara, A. , Porciuncula, L. , da Silva Torres, I. , Jardim, F. , Souza, D. , Netto, C. &Dalmaz, C. (2004). Repeated Restraint Stress Alters Hippocampal Glutamate Uptake and Release in the Rat. 9, (Sep, 2004), pp. (1703-1709), ΙSSN. 0364-3190 (Print) Foy, M. , Stanton, M. &Thompson, R. F. (1987). Behavioral Stress Impairs Long-Term Potentiation in Rodent Hippocampus. 1, (Jul, 1987), pp. (138-149), ΙSSN. 0163-1047 (Print) Frey, B. , Valvassori, S.

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