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16 crores in 1975-76. 00 crores approved by the government for the development of FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas). 15 crores were also available for two Central Road Fund Projects. P. for FATA during 1975-76. 414 crores was utilized up to 30-6-1976. 214 crores was met from the unspent balance of the last financial year 197475. P. 50 million for the provincial development programme. The administrative machinery has also been tightened up to ensure that allocations do not lapse. In his recent tour, the Prime Minister said that it was his pledge to the people of the tribal areas that development work would continue and if any political leader or any officer failed to implement the development programme he would be punished.

If the major portion of this amount is earmarked for development, the province will be hard pressed to meet its other financial needs requirements. Hence the necessity for a generous help from the center. P is poor and undeveloped. The rich and the fertile soil of the province, however, has the potential of producing far more food grains to meet not only its own food requirements but supply it to other parts of the country. The Federal Government has wisely realised that this vast potential can be and needs to be developed though better management of land, water and human resources as well the application of modern methods and latest technology in agriculture.

The provision for scholarships to tribal students has been more than tripled and the number of scholarships for post-matric studies increased to 5,995. As a result of various programmes launched for educational expansion, the number of primary schools in the tribal areas has increased from 476 to 1,008, middle schools from 34 to 155, high schools from 27 to 86, colleges from two to eight and technical workshops from two to seven. In addition, equipment was provided to 384 educational institutions including five colleges, 30 high schools, 24 middle schools and 289 primary schools during the last fiscal year.

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