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S. citizenship? S. citizen, you should start with an honest assessment of whether you are eligible. If you’re not ­entitled to citizenship, the application process could do you more harm than good—wasting your time and energy, or worse, sending you into removal proceedings. If, after reading this chapter, it looks like you aren’t eligible, consult with an attorney. If your attorney agrees, you will have saved yourself a lot of aggravation and difficulty. If you conclude that you are clearly eligible, congratulations!

Citizenship? S. citizen—and that in getting the green card, you used special legal provisions that allow the battered spouse to file portions of the paperwork without the abusive spouse’s cooperation (either through a self-petition on Form I-360, through cancellation of removal, or through obtaining a waiver of the joint filing requirement on Form I-751). A. C. S. S. citizen. S. citizen spouse now, this new section could help. You won’t need to prove the abuse all over again. iii. Refugees and Political Asylees If you got your green card because of your refugee or political asylum status, part of your time as a refugee or asylee can be counted as if you were a permanent resident (known as “rollback”).

Caution Tax breaks = continuity breaks! S. S. residence. This doesn’t happen often, so we don’t cover it in ­further depth here. If this is an issue in your case, see a lawyer. S. residence requirements are different. Keep in mind that you could meet one while failing to meet the other. Example 1: During his five years as a permanent resident, Kelepi takes 25 vacation trips outside the United States. Each trip lasts 40 days. S. s. citizenship? | 47 and nine months). —he has not broken the continuity rule, since no single trip was longer than six months.

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