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By Barbara Michaels

There are negative secrets and techniques from generations previous buried at Maidenwood. scientific pupil Julie Newcomb has lower back to her family's decaying plantation—the website of such a lot of painful formative years memories—to are inclined to her tyrannical grandmother, felled via a stroke. the fireplace of malevolence nonetheless burns within the merciless, despotic matriarch's eyes—yet, for Julie, a faint spark of redemption and moment percentages sparkles during this hated, haunted position. yet her hope—and her life—are heavily threatened via a nightmare reborn . . . and through the bleak discovery at the lonely highway to Maidenwood of the earth-browned skeletons of a mom and baby.

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There were a liquor store, a gift shop, a McDonald’s…I would not have believed the golden arches could be so enticing. I hadn’t even seen a newspaper for four days. I bought groceries and booze and stowed them in the Jeep before heading for the drugstore. The coffee shop was part of it, and when I went in I saw Alan in one of the booths, his head bent over the papers spread on the table. He used to complain about the amount of paperwork necessary in a dig… I acquired an armful of magazines and paperbacks and newspapers.

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It’s been a long time. You’re looking—you look—uh—” I would never have known him. He had been a tall, burly man with a red flush of health under his tan and a ready grin. The face that looked back at me was that of a well-preserved mummy, the cheeks cadaverous, the wrinkles etched as if by acid, sour-shaped and ugly. His 50 / Barbara Michaels lips parted just enough to let a few words squeeze out. “Evening, Julie. ” “Fine, thank you. How is…” I couldn’t recall the girl’s name, much less that of her brother, whom I hadn’t known as well.

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