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Compiled results demonstrate that 82% of quinagolide-treated patients achieved normal PRL levels, compared with 71% of those who received BC. Only 7% stopped quinagolide for side effects, compared with 23% with BC (Webster, 1996). A randomized controlled crossover trial examined 20 patients treated with either CAB or quinagolide, followed by a washout period with placebo and subsequent treatment with the other of the two drugs (Di Sarno, et al; 2000). Eight of the patients had microadenomas, six empty sella syndromes and six idiopathic HP.

Glasser B, Nesher Y, Barziliai S. (1994) Long-term treatment of bromocriptine-intolerant prolactinoma patients with CV205-502. J Reprod Med; 39: 449-454. Glazener CM, Kelly NJ, Hull MG (1987). PRL measurement in the investigation of infertility in women with a normal menstrual cycle. Br J Obstet Gynaecol. 94(6):535-8. Gregg C, Shikar V, Larsen P, Mak G, Chojnacki A, Yong VW, Weiss S. (2007) White matter plasticity and enhanced remyelination in the maternal CNS. Journal of Neuroscience 27(8): 1812-1823.

Katz E, Schran HF, Adashi EY. (1989) Successful treatment of a prolactin producing macroadenoma with intravaginal bromocriptine mesylate: a novel approach to intolerance of oral therapy. Obstet. Gynecol. 73, pp. 517–520. Kaye TB. (1996) Hyperprolactinaemia. Causes, consequences, and treatment options. Postgrad Med. May; 99(5):265-8. Kostrzak A, Warenik-Szymankiewicz A, Meczekalski B (2009). The role of serum PRL bioactivity evaluation in hyperprolactinemic women with different menstrual disorders.

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