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Interpretations of heavenly phenomena as symptoms of the longer term used to be a Mesopotamian culture of significant antiquity. The perform of Babylonian celestial divination, spanning a interval from ca. 1800 B.C. to Hellenistic instances, is understood within the type of celestial omens portending the lifetime of the king and the steadiness of the kingdom. rising for the 1st time within the 5th century B.C., horoscopes mirror the applying of the proper and perform of celestial divination to the lifetime of the person. this can be the 1st entire version of the extant cuneiform horoscopes--with transcription and philological and astronomical observation. it's the first learn to supply a scientific description of the records as a definable type of Babylonian astronomical/astrological texts.

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6Note that the first horoscope datedto the Parthianperiod (Text 19) comes from the first year after the institution of double-dating by Seleucid and Arsacid eras. When only one year number is given, it is the Seleucidera number, with indicationthat the king was Arsacid (as in Text 21). ME. KAM 4 r-sa-ka-a r MU. E. KAM IAr-sad-kam 15 This representsthe year before the Parthiansunder MithradatesI (ca. ) took control of Seleucia on the Tigris. See N. Debevoise, A Political History of Parthia (Chicago, 1938).

E. 13 -297 unpub. E. E. E. E. E. E. 223 -88 Text No. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. 61 -250 8 unpub. 28 ? unpub. E. E. 135 -175 unpub. E. 195 -116 two horoscopes unpub. E. E. 231 -80 25 BM 42025 + L*1472f. E. 88 -223 13 BM 47642 unpub. two horoscopes 6a BM 47721 unpub. E. ll 36 -368 birth note BM 64148 unpub. E. E. 186 -125 BM 78089 unpub. E. 172 -139 BM 81561 unpub. E. E. E. 63 -248 Uruk NCBT 1231 unpub. E. E. E. 1 TheNames of thePlanets The horoscopesuse the abbreviatednames of the planetsfamiliarfrom non-mathematicalastronomicaltexts and mathematicalephemerides.

Computed"areroundedup to the nearesttenthdegree. 5? 5? 5? -4 018? 05? 1 UT ( -S 15? 3? 4? 16 UT r4 lt 26? 8? 8? 390 aCTD24? 31 dawn 4 UT ?. %12? O ; 'd 4? 9l 6? 85? 2? 48? 61? 9? 6? 9? 6? X 27? 4? 6? 100 < 10? 2? 3? 8? 7? ;2; 10? 3 3 UT The AX'sreflectroundedvaluesof the moderncomputedlongitudes. The time of birthis not givenin the text. 7? 2 continued XText AComputed Time Time ,y ;6 4? gm A80 rYL 8? % 10? 2 23 -87 Jan. 7? b' 50 270 1? 26? 9? 8? 4? 4? 20? 1? 16 9th hr. (L ; 18? 8? 4+ i 24? 90 O q 300 130 p 3l t 15?

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