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By Stephen J. O'Brien (Editor), Joan C. Menninger (Editor), William G. Nash (Editor)

A beautiful visible choice of the banded metaphase chromosome karyotypes from a few 850 species of mammals, the Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes represents an unabridged compendium of the nation of this genomic artwork shape. Bringing jointly info at present scattered in the course of the cytogenetics literature for ratings of released and unpublished species, this atlas positive aspects fine quality karyotype photos for almost each mammal studied to this point, making it the main finished assemblage of high-resolution chromosome images available--a severely worthy source for present day comparative genomics era.For each on hand species, the Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes provides the simplest karyotype produced, the typical and Latin identify of the species, the broadcast quotation, and the contributing authors. so much karyotypes are G-banded, revealing the chromosomal bar codes of homologous segments between comparable species.Addressing the mandate of the Human Genome undertaking to annotate the genomes of alternative organisms to boot, the Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes deals a breakthrough in our knowing of species formation, of genome association, and of DNA script for ordinary choice. it really is a useful source for geneticists, mammalogists, and biologists drawn to comparative genomics, systematics, and chromosome constitution.

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Today, around 4700 species of mammals survive on Earth. 5-g Kitti’s hog-nosed bat to the 190,000-kg blue whale, the largest species to ever live. They reflect as diverse an assemblage of anatomic, behavioral, and physiological adaptation as the world has ever seen. The assembly instructions, retained for each species by natural selection across a 200-million-year history, are preserved in modern genomes. The field of comparative genomics is providing a new opportunity to annotate the distinctions, divergence, and genetic occurrences that have sculptured modern genomes.

In Gracilinanus, Metachirus, Thylamys, and Marmosops NORs have been reported from one pair of autosomes, in Micoureus from two autosomal pairs, and in Marmosa from up to three autosomal pairs. To date five species of Monodelphis have been karyotyped and all possess a similar 2n = 18 chromosomal complement. G-banding and crossspecies chromosome-painting data comparing the gray short-tailed opossum (M. domestica) with a range of other marsupial species have revealed extensive homology between chromosome arms.

This revealed that the platypus has a X1Y1X2Y2X3Y3X4Y4X5Y5 male–X1X1X2X2X3X3X4X4X5X5 female sex chromosome system. In males these 10 sex chromosomes adopt an XY alternating pattern and segregate to 5X (female-determining) and 5Y (male-determining) sperm. It is likely that the tiny Y5 has been lost in the related echidna, which has a meiotic chain of nine chromosomes. However, the difference in the number of chromosomes in the platypus and echidna indicates that numerous as-yet ORDER MONOTREMATA unidentified chromosome rearrangements have occurred to separate these species.

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