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To care about extraterrestrial ecosystems as they do to protect Earth. Such ecosystems deserve the right to develop naturally and not be destroyed by human explorers. The scientists explain, “If planet Earth were visited by extraterrestrial beings with vastly superior intellectual capacities, we would want them to respect the Earth’s life, ecosystems and evolutionary trajectory, or at least not interfere in harmful ways. ”40 The Lesson of Earth History Even though no microbial life has been found anywhere but on Earth, scientists do believe that microbial life is the most likely and abundant form of life in the galaxy.

He says, “The policy is actually based on the desire to preserve extraterrestrial environments for the science opportunities that are there. 35 It’s in nobody’s best interest to obscure that by contamination with Earth organisms. Nor would you want to discover a wonderful new life form and know that you’ve killed it. . ”39 Contaminating an alien environment with Earth life would make the search for extraterrestrial DID YOU KNOW ? life much harder than it already is. SETI Institute scientists MargaNASA’s Stardust mission ret S.

SETI,” Cosmic Search, issue 13, vol. 4, no. 1, 1982. org. respond should be an international decision. Others argue that scientists, perhaps NASA scientists, are in the best position to compose an answer to a message. So far, however, who speaks for Earth has not been decided. Jill Tarter, the director of the SETI Institute’s Mountain View, California, research center, explains that SETI scientists have not really made plans beyond how to confirm and announce that an alien radio signal has been received.

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