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By Peter Corris

Stripped of his investigator's license, Cliff Hardy faces an doubtful destiny while whatever own occurs that provokes him into his top function: a confrontational investigator with a style for violence and no regard for his misplaced credentials. Taking and working out punishment, often in Sydney's unique suburbs, Hardy encounters degenerate law enforcement officials, bereft better halves, and computing device demanding situations. In a shadowy showdown at a sublime Sydney seashore, Hardy demanding situations these in his way, but his destiny is still much more clouded than earlier than. An across the world enjoyed but reluctant hero, Hardy struggles to deal with corruption from loyalty as he attempts to figure out his destiny as an Aussie investigator.

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Same story with security companies. Those lines of work were out now except, perhaps, as some sort of consultant. I didn’t fancy that. It meant briefing people twenty years younger than me and writing reports—office work. In the past I’d done some casual teaching in the PEA course at a TAFE college. It wasn’t a bad sideline gig—talking about old cases, bringing along the odd cop and crim to talk to the classes, scouting locations where things had gone down—but I couldn’t see the TAFE people employing me again.

Buy a townhouse in Coogee. ’ ‘There you go, learn to surf again. Or how about bush-walking? ’ ‘Yesterday’s man. ’ ‘No idea. ’ ‘I know. Thanks, Frank. ’ But I didn’t have to think about it because two days later Lily was murdered. 30 am I got a telephone call. ’ ‘This is Detective Constable Farrow of the Northern Crimes Unit. ’ That was news to me. ’ I felt the room spin and I had to lean against the wall. I gripped the phone so hard my knuckles cracked. Lily had always been a wild driver and inclined to take risks with the breathalyser.

Lily had told me that she used initials in the early stages of her investigations, partly for security purposes, partly because it amused her. She also said that she reversed and scrambled the initials which could be unscrambled by a key known only to herself. I’d laughed at her and told her she was bullshitting. She hadn’t contradicted me, but she’d winked and called me a naive gumshoe. So I was left with two investigations of serious crimes and a jumble of initials which might relate directly to the people involved or might not.

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