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By Reinhold A. Bertlmann

An anomaly is the failure of a classical symmetry to outlive the method of quantization and regularization. The examine of anomalies has performed a tremendous position in quantum box conception within the final twenty years, one that is defined sincerely and comprehensively during this e-book, the 1st textbook at the topic. the writer ways the topic via differential geometry, a style that has got a lot cognizance in recent times, and provides precise derivations and calculations so as to be worthwhile to either scholars and researchers in theoretical and mathematical physics.

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The one-atom maser is the ideal system to realize trapping states. 3 K, leading to a thermal field of about 3 × 10−2 photons per mode. The first indication of trapping states in the maser field was reported in [46]. These results (corrected for the finite atomic lifetimes) are presented in Fig. 7 for two values of Nex as a function of the interaction time. 2 Oscillatory Exchange of Photons Between an Atom and a Cavity Field Fig. 6 One-atom maser at low temperature and high temperature. Same as Fig.

Micromaser field around integer multiples Θ = 2π can be interpreted as firstorder phase transitions [38]. Close to first-order phase transitions long time constants of the field evolution are expected. This phenomenon was experimentally demonstrated, along with related phenomena such as spontaneous quantum jumps among equally attractive minima of V (ν), bistability, and hysteresis. Some of these phenomena are also predicted in the two-photon micromaser, for which qualitative evidence of first-order phase transitions and hysteresis has been reported.

With this set-up a variety of experiments on the atom-cavity interaction were performed. A survey is given in the following. For a detailed review see [66]. 1 Collapse-and-revival of the Rabi Oscillations in an Injected Coherent Field As discussed above, the quantum dynamics depends on the photon statistics of the interacting field. 3 Other Microwave Cavity Experiments Fig. 13 Cavity-QED set-up used by the group of S. Haroche et al. at the Ecole Normale Superieure. state field up to n = 2 [30]. Further experiments have been performed with the spherical cavity and an injected coherent field with an average photon number of n = 2 [34].

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