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Labby laughed. It didn't sound forced, so Anna joined her. Alter that there was nothing else to say and the Belfores stood looking l'oolish, both sets of eyes flitting everywhere to avoid making contact with Anna's. "We'd better be getting on hotne"' Tabby said finally. " No harm done. " He laughed again, alone this time. " Tabby backed away from Anna, heading toward the passenger side. She didn't seem afraid or anxious. Reassured, Anna watched them drive away to be swallowed up by the oak woods.

Time came and went and still she held on. Numbers blurred . "I'm losing it," she said. " No. " Various retorts bottled up behind Anna's teeth but she lacked breath to voice them. A wave rushed between her knees, buoyed up the turtle, and gave her shoulders some respite. When the water receded and the weight settled again, she cried out. "Hold her still," Schlessinger snapped. " In my next life I'm gog to be bigger," she hissed. Quiet Schlessinger said again. Then: "Okay. I guess that's the lot.

The open space between the tree line and the sea suited Anna . As in the wide country of the Southwest, the eye could roll out to the distance, the soul expand into the great spaces. Back in the densc woods she didn't breathe as easily. There the air scarcely moved and the clatter was like as not ticks dropping from the vegetation in search of new homes with better-stocked larders. " Anna knew what he meant. The little crustaceans, the biggest not more than ten inches from claw to claw, would stand on their back legs and challenge the ton-and-a-half pumper trucks as they drove down the beach.

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