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By W. M. Thackston

A complete grammar of recent, classical & colloquial Persian. comprises thesaurus. Accompanying set of tapes priceless for pronunciation is obtainable.

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1 . the sequence of two different segments of which the 1 st is vowelless and the 2nd is vowelled: the assimilation. 2. the sequence of two different segments which are both vowelled. 4. 1. The sequence oftwo different segments of which the 1st is vowelless and the 2nd is vowelled: the assimilation: The vowelless state of the 1 st segment preceding a vowelled segment that is close to it in the point of articulation or that is akin to it in character or that is different and having a stronger character than it, can result in the assimilation.

The assimilation in the pronunciation and in the writ­ ing It can be remarked that there is a difference in the pronunciation and i n the written representation of a word in which an assimila­ tion is carried out. g. co . sadda over it: In the writing however, one d is written with a �. In examples of nouns beginning with one of the "solar seg­ ments" to which the 1- of the definite artide al- is assimilated to (for discussions see par. 4. 1 . 1 . ), the nouns are pronounced with the doubling of the solar segment and written with both the 1- of the article and the solar segment given the sadda.

3. 1. 1. The assimilation that is carried out in one word: An example of such a case is maddun (� ) "an extension" that is formed according to the pattem fa clun, in which the nec­ essary assimilation of the 1 st d to the 2nd d is carried out (cf. 2. 1 . ). Another example is Form V I I I "ittagara "to trade" (cf. Akesson, Ibn Mascud 1 96: fol. 1 9a, par. 4. 1 . 3. :2) from tagara with 1 st t radical. I n the base form "ittagara, the 1 st CI -IAIYfER 2: THE ASS I M I LATION 19 vowelless t radical is followed by the vowelled t infix, the ta, of Form V I I I :Jifta cala, which necessitates the assimilation of the t to the t.

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