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This publication provides a heritage of roundabouts, an advent to their layout, calculations in their skill and traffic-safety positive aspects. It describes the major good points of ordinary roundabouts and their boundaries. replacement forms of roundabouts are a pretty fresh improvement and feature purely been carried out in a couple of international locations to this point. The e-book illustrates a large number of those contemporary replacement varieties of roundabouts, in addition to proposed kinds nonetheless within the improvement section, explaining for every the explicit wishes it meets, its merits and downsides. In last, the e-book bargains an outlook at the position of roundabouts in destiny road traffic.

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The traffic used to circle around a central pole or a stone tower known as the “dummy cop”, and the traffic ran in one direction. Later on, small mushroomshaped islands started to be introduced, mostly on roundabouts with a minimal diameter of 10 m. Some old documents show that the state of Connecticut (where Eno was from) was the first and maybe the only administrative area that used a central island, marked merely by white coloring. Eno’s mini-roundabout with a “target” in the center was composed merely of a central circle, 60 cm wide and marked by white coloring, surrounded by two white concentric circles, 30 cm wide, situated at a distance of 30 cm.

3 The Period of Intensive Experimentation with New Layouts 31 along the circulatory carriageway contributed to increased capacity only by an additional 30 % (and not by 100 % as originally expected and mathematically predicted in a rather illusionary way). The fact that the second lane in the circulatory roadway increased the capacity by only 30–40 % was replicated in several countries; however, we would only point out Austria, Lithuania [4], Germany [5] and Slovenia [6]. It was also discovered that on these types of roundabouts, the level of traffic safety was significantly lower than at one-lane roundabouts.

The straight parts of a square roundabout enable high speeds; therefore, we must devote a special attention to the traffic management of the non-motorized participants. As a rule, the management of nonmotorized participants is implemented on another level or by traffic lights. When considering tangential access, the traffic regime with a yield traffic sign is not appropriate, therefore most of these square roundabouts are equipped with underpasses at least if not with traffic lights together with appropriate public lighting.

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