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Confini sfumati. I problemi dell'arte, le soluzioni della percezione

“Un giorno, a una esposizione di arte concettuale al manhattan Cultural heart, vidi un’opera costituita da un normale tavolo su cui erano posati alcuni libri. I libri erano di filosofi come Wittgenstein e Carnap, Ayer e Reichenbach, Tarski e Russell.
Si sarebbe potuto trattare del tavolo del mio studio, visto che period sufficientemente anonimo da poter essere ridotto a una semplice superficie da lavoro e i libri posati sopra erano dello stesso tipo di quelli che consultavo spesso consistent with il mio lavoro”. Questo è il rompicapo – e insieme il paradosso – che attraversa l’arte contemporanea così come l’ontologia dell’arte: il tavolo con sopra i libri al big apple Cultural middle è considerato un’opera d’arte, mentre lo stesso oggetto, un tavolo con sopra libri di filosofia, nel mio appartamento sulla 119vesima strada, a brand new York, è e rimane un semplice tavolo. Com’è potuto accadere che l. a. distinzione, classica, tra opere d’arte e oggetti comuni sia stata abbandonata? In un mondo in cui los angeles bellezza è merce sempre più rara, le opere d’arte paiono essere ovunque.
Ma sarà davvero così?

American Thought: A Critical Sketch

Edited and with a foreword via Felix S. Cohen

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What was clear to me was that whether this portrayal of Wollstonecraft was accurate or not, it wasn't very helpful. There is little in it that imbues us with a sense of confidence or inspires us with a desire to emulate her ways and yet there was a lot in it that led us to dissociate ourselves from her. And interestingly, although many many women I asked could tell me about Mary Wollstonecraft - that she was a 44 ALONE OR TOGETHER? 45 founding mother and had an unfortunate life - few had ever read her work.

Mary O'Brien (1981) pointed out that the use of the footnote has paralleled the rise of capitalism and, she suggests, this is no coincidence. Apart from raising interesting questions about the role of footnotes, think what it would mean if we began to devise a referencing system that catered for collective ideas? Yet there would be no room for the prevailing portrayal of Wollstonecraft in such a framework. While the spoken word has been given greater prominence in consciousness-raising, it is not the only means by which ideas are generated .

The evidence he gave for doubting her word was purely speculative - he had discovered no new "fact" that established an alternative version of her story. "Mrs. Behn's Biography: a Fiction" it seems, was based more on an unwillingness to believe that a woman of Aphra's time could have lived the life she did than on any compelling evidence to the contrary' (Goreau, 1980, p. 10). That women cannot make a worthwhile creative or intellectual contribution to our culture is a deeply entrenched belief in our society, and if this belief is to be maintained women who do make such a contribution consistently have it - and themselves - negated and denied.

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