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Further questions assessed the level of anticipation of enjoying the meal occasion, the hedonic response, the attributes of dish components on a relative-to-ideal scale and the hedonic response again. The assessors were customers of the university training restaurant. This restaurant is open to members of the public and university staff and students. Its atmosphere is that of a formal restaurant with staff in formal dress, silver service, unobtrusive music, concealed lighting and curtained walls.

G. odour (Blackwell and Pierson 1996; Blackwell 1997). Information can be manipulated by the food product marketer or the restaurant owner using packaging images, menu design and wording, advertising, the chefs reputation, etc. to raise expectations for food acceptability. Some examples are names given to the food product: labelling altering consumers' expectations of some attributes of low-fat products compared to the regular-fat versions (Tuorila eta!. 1994; Kahkönen and Tuorila 1998): pure suggestion influencing the acceptance of an unfamiliar beverage (Zellner et a!.

4 Discussion of results from Experiment 1 This experimental work on a chicken dish has shown that the sous vide process can cause differences in appearance which easily distinguish it from the conventionally prepared version. This was due to a lightening effect on the red wine sauce and the chicken itself. A similar effect on sauce in sous vide processed foods has been observed in work elsewhere (Grant 1993). In research on discrimination, Church (1990) used a triangle test and found that conventionally and sous vide prepared Chicken Ballotine could be distinguished on attributes of 'filling moistness, chicken juiciness, aroma depth and initial flavour', although the direction of preference for these differences was not stated.

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