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In other words, agents play games with each other, and will make strategic decisions that can lead to a win. Game theory and game play have been applied to a wide range of economic and social studies. In this chapter, we offer a sketch of this rich and diverse field. Chapter 6 demonstrates some applications of the ideas discussed in previous chapters by way of three case studies in socio-spatial change. These case studies were selected to reveal matters of high sensitivity in complex organizations and socio-spatial innovations.

What impressed him most was the improbably long periods in which species adapted to their surroundings. Returning to England, much of his time was taken up as head of large household and as a land owner. He continued his work as a naturalist through a series of years-long studies of morphology and behaviour. He occasionally sketched out further ideas for species adaptation, but the randomness, competitiveness, disharmony and self-organizing principles of this model of evolution seem to have perturbed him and prevented him from publishing.

These and various other models drawn upon for the present discussion, which each have their particular school-of-thought contexts, reflect a diverse range of themes, including work by scientists and engineering specialists whose perspectives are not necessarily held in agreement. They also reflect the biases of the author, with much of the work stemming from particular academic domains, including the ‘mobilities turn’ in sociology and the spatial complexity concept in urban development (cf. Sheller, 2011).

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