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By Geoffrey Household

A vintage mystery set in Dorset after the second one global warfare, filled with Household's signature motion and suspense.

An afternoon's capturing within the nation turns out a delightful prospect to Roger Taine, a revered kinfolk guy with a distinctive army list. but if he discovers a poacher on his land, he fires a caution blast that prevents the intruder useless in his tracks.

Investigating additional, Taine inadvertently uncovers a new-fascist plot which he's made up our minds to thwart. a sequence of auto chases, aeroplane drops and cross-country scrambles sharpen the secret, however the experience takes a brand new twist while Taine discovers that he himself is being pursued via the police.

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How much did he know, and how did he know anything at all? Was it true that he himself had been accused of firing the shot? It was impossible to answer any of those questions, so I tried to keep my face in its same casual and friendly expression, and play for time. I decided to carry on in his own chosen atmosphere of eccentricity. ” I asked. “I don’t know. There’s a lot of people I’d shoot on sight. Back or front, ha! ” “No. ” I replied with all the indignation I could pretend. “Yes. Don’t be a hypocrite!

There of course they found my spade and walked off with it. That was a disaster. There would be some wonderful sets of my fingerprints on that spade. ” So that was that, and the end of me if ever they chose to go to the police. I could never produce any convincing story to explain what I was doing with a spade in that corner of the shoot. They walked away diagonally across the fields, aiming– I had to gamble on it–for the cart track. As soon as I was sure, I ran straight to my bicycle, tore silently up the road and reached the junction a little before them.

Nose, nothing in particular. ” “Dig him up,” he suggested. ” “Mention of a spade. ” “You did. ” “Yes,” I said. ” “Right! Seen it a dozen times. Just love and kisses, and a man’s a bloody hero. Give him a couple of children, and he’s got to know what he’s fighting for. ” I didn’t reply. The general’s intuition or judgment of character was far too dangerous. ” he went on. “Ever read state trials? ” “Don’t wonder you stopped! Think the evidence is all faked, ha? Well, it isn’t. Men who confess they are guilty are guilty.

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