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A) = limL→∞ Tr(ω L A). In addition, we restrict ourselves to the quasifree states ω which are invariant with respect to the gauge transformation a(·) → eiϕ a(·), a† (·) → eiϕ a† (·). They are uniquely determined by the singleparticle density matrices σ ≥ 0 (not necessarily trace-class) such that ω = ωσ , ωσ (a† (ξ )a(ξ)) = σ(ξ | ξ ) . e. Λ t ω σ = ω σt . (199) A straightforward calculation shows that for our model described by (188) (with H = HF ) (199) holds with σt being the solution of the equation (189) with the initial condition σ0 = σ.

Propagation of quantized electromagnetic waves in absorbing and radiating media in the absence of nonlinear effects. 4. ). 2. Then in Subsubsects. 3 the generators are constructed which describe unstable bosons or fermions and the simplified single-particle formalism is introduced following the results of references [41–43]. 4. The derivation of such Markovian master equations from the underlying Hamiltonian dynamics is discussed in Subsubsect. 5 for the Lee-type nonrelativistic and non-local field theories [41–43].

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