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By Simon Schama

'Great Britain? What was once that?' asks Simon Schama at the beginning of this, the second one booklet of his epic three-volume trip into Britain's earlier. This quantity, "The British Wars", is a compelling chronicle of the alterations that reworked each strand and stratum of British lifestyles, religion and inspiration from 1603 to 1776. traveling up and down the rustic and throughout 3 continents, Schama explores the forces that tore Britain aside in the course of centuries of dynamic switch - reworking outlooks, allegiances and bounds. From the start of the British wars in July 1637, for two hundred years battles raged on - either at domestic and in a foreign country, on sea and on land, up and down the size of burgeoning Britain, throughout Europe, the United States and India. so much will be wars of religion - waged on wide-ranging grounds of political or spiritual conviction. yet as wars of spiritual passions gave technique to campaigns for revenue, the British humans did come jointly within the imperial firm of 'Britannia Incorporated'. the tale of that groovy alteration is a narrative of revolution and response, concept and disenchantment, of development and disaster, and Schama's evocative narrative brings it vividly to existence.

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Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013) est best ministre de 1979 à 1990, date de sa démission. Ses réformes radicales aux résultats spectaculaires lui valent trois victoires électorales successives et son intransigeante détermination à les mener le surnom de « Dame de fer ».

Un dirigeant hors norme able de repenser en profondeur un modèle pour le réformer avec constance et conviction. Une personnalité guidée en tout par le primat de l. a. liberté et de los angeles responsabilité individuelle, able de restaurer un État régalien citadel pour assurer los angeles sécurité, et assumant avec fermeté los angeles rupture profonde avec les errements du passé. Aucune grève, aucun sondage, aucun calcul politicien ni aucun attentat ne los angeles feront plier.

Le « crédo » thatchérien d'inspiration à l. a. fois conservatrice et libérale oriente une motion opiniâtre et tout particulièrement des combats transgressifs contre l. a. toute-puissance syndicale, un travaillisme imprégné de collectivisme et d étatisme, ou encore contre l Europe bureaucratique de Bruxelles.

Comprendre les ressorts de son motion déterminante implique toutefois de se départir des caricatures et de s autoriser à découvrir qui Margaret Thatcher était vraiment, ce qu elle a objectivement accompli au provider de son pays.

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James, of whom it was accurately said ‘he doth wondrously covet learned discourse’, published no fewer than ten treatises dealing with various matters he considered weighty, including the evils of witchcraft and tobacco. Two of them, the Basilikon Doron (the ‘Prince’s Gift’, written in 1598, but published in 1599, for his son Henry, and consisting for the most part, like its model, Charles V’s advice to Philip II, of practical advice on the conduct of kingship) and The True Law of Free Monarchies (published in 1598), appeared in the immediate period before his arrival in England.

It is more like knowing what it is to be poor, to belong to a nation, to be a revolutionary, to fall in love, to be seized by nameless terror, to be delighted by a work of art . . ISAIAH BERLIN, Giambattista Vico and Cultural History Man is the only animal that laughs and weeps; for he is the only animal that is struck with the difference between what things are and what they ought to be. WILLIAM HAZLITT, Lectures on the English Comic Writers PREFACE IF IT’S A truism that being British has never been a matter of straightforward allegiance, never was this more glaringly obvious than during the two centuries narrated by this book.

John Speed died in 1629, leaving behind his History of Great Britaine, his pretty maps, eighteen children and (presumably) exhausted wife, Susanna. Thirteen years later, on 23 October 1642, Charles I arrived at the same Warwickshire ridge from which the map-maker had been given a glimpse of bucolic paradise, took out his prospective glass and peered down at the Roundhead troops below. By nightfall there were sixty bodies piled up where the king had stood on the top of Edgehill, and Charles was kept from his sleep by the vocal agonies of the thousands of wounded, groaning in the razor-sharp cold.

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