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By Bertrand Russell, Jim Killavey

Bertrand Russell used to be a British thinker, truth seeker, mathematician, historian, author, social critic, and Nobel laureate. At a number of issues in his lifestyles he thought of himself a liberal, a socialist, and a pacifist. He was once born in Monmouthshire into probably the most sought after aristocratic households within the United Kingdom.

A loose Man's Worship is maybe his most famed and definitely the main greatly published of his many essays.

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Confini sfumati. I problemi dell'arte, le soluzioni della percezione

“Un giorno, a una esposizione di arte concettuale al ny Cultural heart, vidi un’opera costituita da un normale tavolo su cui erano posati alcuni libri. I libri erano di filosofi come Wittgenstein e Carnap, Ayer e Reichenbach, Tarski e Russell.
Si sarebbe potuto trattare del tavolo del mio studio, visto che period sufficientemente anonimo da poter essere ridotto a una semplice superficie da lavoro e i libri posati sopra erano dello stesso tipo di quelli che consultavo spesso in keeping with il mio lavoro”. Questo è il rompicapo – e insieme il paradosso – che attraversa l’arte contemporanea così come l’ontologia dell’arte: il tavolo con sopra i libri al manhattan Cultural heart è considerato un’opera d’arte, mentre lo stesso oggetto, un tavolo con sopra libri di filosofia, nel mio appartamento sulla 119vesima strada, a brand new York, è e rimane un semplice tavolo. Com’è potuto accadere che l. a. distinzione, classica, tra opere d’arte e oggetti comuni sia stata abbandonata? In un mondo in cui l. a. bellezza è merce sempre più rara, le opere d’arte paiono essere ovunque.
Ma sarà davvero così?

American Thought: A Critical Sketch

Edited and with a foreword via Felix S. Cohen

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Maybe it was even a ceremonial one handed down within his family from generation to generation. Now what was the settler’s ultimate judgment on this ax? Was it not, Does it work? Does it do its job? Does it cut down trees? I do not think the idea of beauty as refined decoration entered his mind at all. Neither was he especially interested in the history of this ax. As we might say today, he was interested in the functional excellence of his instrument. All else was strictly secondary. In this not so imaginary tale, I have introduced a key notion for understanding Dewey’s concept of the relation between aesthetics and ethics.

Physicists concern themselves with atomic particles and painters concern themselves with shapes, colors, and lines. Each has a distinct perspective that allows it to pursue its own special form of excellence. This is a cultural commonplace. But for Dewey it also presents a major cultural problem. Is there no discipline that ties them together so that we can live as integrated human beings? At some level we do live well or poorly as unified human beings. 7 Philosophy for Dewey is the effort to attain a unified vision of the values and activities dominant in our culture and to assess their worth.

New adventures are made possible through new energies released by the work of art. The work of art “works” to release those dimensions of experience previously bottled up due to poor connections and a lack of purpose and direction. A genuine consummatory experience dissolves separations and heals the splits in culture. What was previously felt as the division between form and content is now experienced as the unification of what is going on with how it is going on. The distinctions between mind and body drop away and are replaced by new feelings that convey both the resistances overcome as well as the new understandings gained.

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