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By B. E. Clarity, Ronald G. Wolfe, Karl Stowasser

This dictionary for English audio system includes the fundamental Iraqi dialect. The utilization is essentially that of Muslim audio system from Baghdad, yet a few southern Iraqi utilization is additionally incorporated.

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Welsh diauc, nWelsh diog, mbr. Welsh ym-am-ogawr (*-ük̂ü-r) “ one stirs, is active “ (Loth RC. 45, 191) and mbr. eaug, Bret. eok “ ripe, made soft “ (*eks-ük̂o-), to Gaul. S. Bret. 201); compare also above S. org/ Page 61 An Etymological Dictionary of the Proto-Indo-European Language Swe. ag m. G. , Ger. Swiss egel, Dimin. S. , maybe also Swe. agg “rancor, hatred “, agga ‘sting, torment”, Nor. dial. ), as well as (with secondary Gmc. ) Nor. dial. ugg ‘sting, frightening”, Swe. dial. N. uggr “fear”, Nor.

Iccháti (*is-sk̂ō) “ looks, wishes “ = Av. Ind. icchü “ wish “, iš ̣ (2. compound part) “ searching, striving after “ = Av. , f. Ind. iṣ̌ta- “ desiredly “ ī̆ṣ̌má- m. “ Love God “; Arm. aic ̣ (*ais-sk̂ü) “investigation”; Umbr. eiscurent (Bugge KZ. 30, 40) “they will have caused to come, called, sent for, invited, summoned, fetched “ (probably as *eh-iscurent “ they will have driven out, pushed forth, thrusted out, taken out, expelled “); Maybe zero form in Alb. (*assa-) shanj “curse, blame”. Lat.

Aiz (Proto-Gmc. *a(i̯)iz- = IE *ai̯es-) “ copper ore, and the alloy of copper, bronze. G. N. eir n. “ore, copper”. thereof Av. ayaŋhaēna- “ metallic, iron “, Lat. aēnus (*ai̯es-no- = Umbr. E. S. G. G. ērīn, Ger. ēren (ehern). despite Pokorny KZ. 46, 292 f. is not IE ai̯os old borrowing from Ajasja, older Aɫas(ja), the old name of Cyprus, as Lat. cuprum : Κύπρος, there according to D. Davis (BSA. 30, 74-86, 1932) the copper pits were tackled in Cyprus only in late Mycenaean time. Note: Ajasja, older Aɫas(ja) (Cyprus) : Hittite PN Wilusa (Gk.

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