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By Jay M. Hammond, J. A. Wayne Hellmann, Jared Goff

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To Serm. II de b. Francisco (9, 581). 62 Leg. Maj. 4 (8, 513–514): ut tanquam veri Israelitae post illum incederent, qui virorum spiritualium, ut alter Elias, factus fuerat a Deo currus et auriga. 63 Leg. Maj. , n. 1 (8, 504b): prophetali quoque repletus spiritu necnon et angelico deputatus officio incendioque seraphico totus ignitus. 64 Cf. Comm. 30, n. 54 (7, 234): At the transfiguration of Christ on Mount Tabor, Moses and Elijah appeared et dicebant excessum eius (“they spoke about his end”).

Chr. 31 Balduinus Distelbrink, Bonaventurae scripta, authentica, dubia vel spuria, critice recensita (Rome: 1975), 12, lists two more QD: De productione rerum and De imagine Dei et anima humana. , one may assume that they are authentic. ). ) was edited by Antoine Van de Sande, “Une ‘quaestio disputata’ attribuée à Bonaventure, et commentaire,” in Bonaventuriana. Miscellanea in onore di Jacques Guy Bougerol ofm, ed. Francesco de Asís Chavero Blanco, vol. 2 (Rome: 1988), 507–533. 32 Hyacinth-F. Dondaine, “De l’attribution à S.

Bonaventure: life and works 35 factors that caused the great impact which this work has had far beyond the sphere of Franciscan theology and mysticism. The Triplex via has fittingly been characterized as “summa of mystical theology”: 1) The material is presented in a logical order, subdivided in a differentiated manner helpful in teaching. 72 Also in view of its literary form and choice of vocabulary, the text is a masterpiece. All this indicates that Triplex via cannot belong to Bonaventure’s early works.

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