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By Richard E. Prior

The main everyday 510 Latin verbs are prepared alphabetically in a desk structure, one verb consistent with web page with English translation. every one verb is totally conjugated and awarded in all varieties. The book's extra beneficial properties comprise instance sentences to illustrate verb utilization and a grammar overview.

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Accusation; accusator, -is, m. accuser; ucusilo (I) to accuse frequently; excuso (1) to excuse; recuso (1) to refuse M11

Plup. ) IMPERATIVE Pres. accede accedite I INFINITIVE Pres. Perf. Fut. accedere accessisse accessiirus (-a, -um) esse Pres. Perf. Fut. accedens, (-ntis) accedi accessum esse accessum iri PARTICIPLE accessiirus (-a, -um) GERUND accedendi, -5, -um, -5 accessus (-a, -um) accedendus (-a, -um) (GERUNDIVE) SUPINE accessum, -ii Usage notes: with ad or in and the accusative Alternate forms: accestis = accessitis See cedo for other compounds of this verb. " dixit. -Ovid 26 accido accido, accidere, accidi happen ACTIVE INDICATIVE Pres.

Aestuo aestuamus aestuas aestuatis aestuat aestuant lmpf aestuabam aestuabamus aestuabas aestuabatis aestuabat aestuabant Fut. aestuabo aestuamus aestuabis aestuabitis aestuabit aestuabunt Peif. aestuavi aestuavimus aestuavisti aestuavistis aestuaverunt (-ere) aestuavit Plup. aestuaveram aestuaveramus aestuaveras aestuaveratis aestuaverat aestuaverant Fut. aestuavero aestuaverimus aestuaveritis Peif. aestuaveris aestuaverit aestuaverint SUBJUNCTIVE Pres. aestuem aestuemus aestues aestuetis aestuet aestuent Impf aestuarem aestuaremus aestuares aestuaretis aestuaret aestuarent Peif.

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