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Confini sfumati. I problemi dell'arte, le soluzioni della percezione

“Un giorno, a una esposizione di arte concettuale al ny Cultural middle, vidi un’opera costituita da un normale tavolo su cui erano posati alcuni libri. I libri erano di filosofi come Wittgenstein e Carnap, Ayer e Reichenbach, Tarski e Russell.
Si sarebbe potuto trattare del tavolo del mio studio, visto che period sufficientemente anonimo da poter essere ridotto a una semplice superficie da lavoro e i libri posati sopra erano dello stesso tipo di quelli che consultavo spesso according to il mio lavoro”. Questo è il rompicapo – e insieme il paradosso – che attraversa l’arte contemporanea così come l’ontologia dell’arte: il tavolo con sopra i libri al manhattan Cultural middle è considerato un’opera d’arte, mentre lo stesso oggetto, un tavolo con sopra libri di filosofia, nel mio appartamento sulla 119vesima strada, a brand new York, è e rimane un semplice tavolo. Com’è potuto accadere che l. a. distinzione, classica, tra opere d’arte e oggetti comuni sia stata abbandonata? In un mondo in cui los angeles bellezza è merce sempre più rara, le opere d’arte paiono essere ovunque.
Ma sarà davvero così?

American Thought: A Critical Sketch

Edited and with a foreword by means of Felix S. Cohen

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Just then Quesay remembers the traditional habits of the Alloi. It is one that he has had many an interesting debate at college defending. The Alloi believe that when one’s parents reach seventy years of age, it is the duty of the children to kill them. And as a mark of respect, the family eat the deceased! Suddenly Professor Quesay doesn’t feel so good. He has lost his appetite. However, he knows that not to eat the special dish would cause great offence. It is, indeed, considered to put a curse on the soul of the departed, and to prevent them going to the next world.

However, the druid quickly adds, waving some medicine beads to emphasise the seriousness of the situation, everyone must be immunised—for once someone has the disease it becomes highly infectious, entering another bacteriological phase, and the protection given by the leaves is rendered ineffective. Should the Marjonians have a compulsory programme of tabako leafchewing as the druid suggests? 25 Problem 20 The Lost Kingdom and the pesky-fly problem III Before the proposal can be put to a vote, one of the Marjonians stands up and says: ‘Why should I risk my life chewing these stupid leaves?

It had three parts: 1 A Public Information Campaign to ‘get the message across that over-eating kills’. It would feature noisy scenes of people eating fattening foods at parties, followed by horrifying shots of people in hospital beds looking very ill. 2 Educational materials for schools showing how eating sweets and chocolates when young can quickly lead to sugar addiction and obesity. Following the success of earlier anti-drug campaigns, these would also feature popular actors and singers advising children to refuse sweets when offered them by their grandparents.

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